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◆ Pre-sale service

Provide professional customer service consultation: dedicated business personnel and professional technical department engineers will answer user questions.

Provide detailed product information: provide users with detailed product information for the user's reference and confirmation.

Provide a reasonable quotation for the product: The quotation will take effect after being confirmed and stamped by the business manager to ensure the authenticity of the quotation.

Provide inspection reception: welcome new and old users from all walks of life to visit the company, we will wholeheartedly provide convenient conditions for your inspection work.

◆ Sale service

Re-contract: Sign contracts and technical agreements as required.

Keep promises: consciously abide by the provisions of the contract law to ensure the smooth performance of signed contracts and technical agreements.

Note communication: actively communicate with users, attach importance to the arrangements and questions of users, and provide necessary technical support.

Guaranteed timeliness: Provide users with services such as delivery, installation, commissioning, and training quickly, effectively and with high quality.

◆ After-sales service

Professional after-sales service department: visit the user's use of the product from time to time and record it.

Product after-sales commitment: from the date of purchase, one-year free maintenance, three-year warranty, and lifetime maintenance.

If the equipment is faulty, we will eliminate and solve it for you within 24 hours, and it will not be able to be repaired within three days, and spare equipment will be provided unconditionally until the equipment is repaired.

We have a professional R&D group to ensure that all users have no worries!


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