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Power system refers to the electric energy production and consumption system composed of power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and power consumption. In order to realize this function, the power system also has corresponding information and control systems in all links and different levels to measure, regulate, control, protect, communicate and dispatch the production process of electric energy, so as to ensure that users can obtain safe, economic and high-quality electric energy. However, it is an important index to ensure the normal operation of power system on site. Power system field test refers to the test that uses some relevant power system elements, devices or equipment to form a unit with certain operation function, which is connected with the running power system for overall function test or integrated into the power system after independent power supply test. In 10kV, 35kV, 110KV, 220kV, 500kV and 1000kV power grids, DC converter stations and marketing electrical products, a series of test data can fully reflect the quality standards of power grid equipment. With the purpose of serving customers, the company undertakes various test projects and comprehensively obtains and deepens the results. The last step is to sort out, summarize and comprehensively analyze the measured data in time, that is, the verification of the logical relationship between the data, the comparison with the simulation test, calculation and analysis data and theoretical analysis, which is very important.

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