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Prospect of future power grid development

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In the 21st century, the global power industry continues to develop in the direction of intelligence. China's power industry has also experienced reshuffle again and again, and the intelligent level of power network is also improving. Especially in recent years, with the enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength, the technology upgrading speed of power network has been accelerating, and very gratifying achievements have been made, In this paper, we will briefly introduce the prospect of China's power grid development in the future.

With the access of a large number of distributed power generation, microgrid, electric vehicles and new interactive energy consumption equipment, these grid connected entities have the dual identity of producers and consumers, which has changed the traditional one-way flow mode from power grid to users, and the complexity and uncertainty of power grid operation have increased significantly.

The future energy Internet is an organic integration of energy system, information system and social system. With a strong smart grid as the core and energy interconnection as the direction, it is an intelligent, flexible, multi-energy complementary, open and integrated modern smart energy system, which can effectively support the large-scale development and utilization of renewable energy and meet the convenient access of various energy facilities, Support the development of new energy models and new business forms.

The new generation power system is a new power system that adapts to the high proportion of new energy access and the wide application of new energy consumption equipment, integrates advanced technologies such as advanced power transmission, large-scale energy storage, new energy friendly grid connection, source network load storage interaction, intelligent control and so on, and has the characteristics of wide interconnection, intelligent interaction, flexibility, safety, controllability and open sharing.

Adapt to the rapid development of electric vehicles, build a "nine vertical, nine horizontal and two ring" expressway fast charging network, covering 31000 kilometers of expressways and 150 cities; Build a global scale smart car networking platform, access 250000 charging piles, provide one-stop services such as one-click navigation and fault rescue for the travel of 2 million electric vehicles across the country, and actively guide the orderly charging of electric vehicles.

In the new era, with the application of computer technology and Internet technology in power system, China's power grid system will make greater progress.

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