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Notice of State Grid Corporation of China

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Departments, divisions and units of the headquarters:

On July 26, the State Council held a national teleconference on work safety to convey and study the spirit of the important instructions and instructions of the central leading comrades. It is required to take "preventing risks, ensuring safety and welcoming Daqing" as the main line of work safety in the second half of the year, do a solid job in all work safety, and meet the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China with the actual results of ensuring safety and stability. The Party group of the company attached great importance to it and held a special meeting of the safety committee in the second quarter to convey and study the spirit of the meeting. It is required to comprehensively implement the work deployment of work safety of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council with more solid work.

At present, it is still in the critical period of peak summer and the critical period of flood control. The load of power grids in some regions and provinces has repeatedly reached new highs. There are frequent disastrous weather such as heavy rainfall, flood, thunderstorm and gale, and frequent typhoon activities. It is facing the test of peak summer and disaster prevention and relief; The on-site operation continues to be at a high level, the construction of ultra-high voltage projects, hydropower projects and other construction projects are in full swing, and a new round of rural power grid upgrading and transformation is accelerated, resulting in great pressure to ensure personal safety; Less than two months before the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, a series of major power protection tasks have come one after another. Ensuring the safe and stable operation of the power grid and the safe production situation of the company are the overriding political tasks at present. In order to conscientiously implement the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, serve the overall situation, focus on the main line, and escort the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, the company decided to carry out the special action of "preventing risks, ensuring safety and welcoming Daqing" from now to October 10, comprehensively investigate potential risks and make every effort to ensure safety and stability. Relevant matters are notified as follows:

1、 General requirements

*** Do a solid job in safety production, ensure the realization of the safety goal of "three elimination and three prevention", ensure the stable safety production of the company, and welcome the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China with excellent achievements.

2、 Scope and key contents

This special action covers all levels of units, disciplines, places and work sites of the company. It closely combines the key work such as peak summer, disaster prevention and relief, power protection for major activities with special actions such as ensuring the safety of large power grid, troubleshooting and treatment of fire safety hazards, safety year of collective enterprises, and focuses on safety management, power grid operation, equipment operation and maintenance, construction and maintenance, power marketing Industry and collective enterprises, network and information, dangerous chemicals and fire fighting, emergency relief and other nine aspects focus on investigation and governance.

(1) Safety management

Preparation of safety responsibility list and implementation of safety production responsibility system of all employees; The implementation of the company's annual safety production opinions, and the implementation of key work such as safety investment and basic guarantee; Establishment and implementation of inspection teams at all levels; Implementation of safety risk management and control requirements on the operation site; Implementation of the spirit of the company's mid-2019 work meeting and the teleconference to meet the peak in summer; Closed loop rectification of various special actions and problems found, such as comprehensive treatment of electrical fire, ensuring the safety of large power grid, preventing electrical misoperation, safety tools and instruments, troubleshooting and treatment of fire hazards.

(2) Grid operation

Implementation of early warning and control of power grid operation risk; Safety risk sorting and implementation of control measures during peak summer of power grid; Implementation of special rectification of "demining" in the secondary system; Inspection and verification of "three lines of defense", security control strategy, relay protection setting and DC control and protection logic of power grid; Troubleshooting and treatment of hidden dangers such as power supply mode of important customers and power plant access; Clean energy safety operation management and network related safety management; Preparation and drilling of emergency response plans for switching between main and standby dispatching systems; Draw lessons from large-scale blackouts abroad, carry out risk assessment of urban power grid operation, and implement preventive measures.

(3) Equipment operation and maintenance

Implementation of operation and maintenance guarantee measures for key equipment such as cross regional power grid, important transmission channel, converter and heavy overload transformer; Carry out the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers of 18 major anti accident measures of power grid, and the implementation of anti lightning, external damage and mountain fire measures to prevent full shutdown of substation, DC single and double pole locking and transmission line; Hidden dangers such as dense channels of transmission lines, "three spans" and anti rejection troubleshooting of circuit breakers, insufficient short-circuit capacity of transformers, etc; Special troubleshooting and treatment of ABB goe bushing in substation; Operation and maintenance guarantee of power cable, station AC and DC power supply and other station systems; Treatment of heavy overload of distribution network lines, low voltage of distribution transformer and three-phase imbalance of load.

(4) Construction and maintenance

Implementation of "safety regulations", "two tickets and three systems" and "ten non-compliance" at the production and operation site; Implementation of management and technical measures to prevent electrical misoperation; Safety performance of owners, supervisors and construction project departments at all levels; Implementation of 12 supporting measures for infrastructure reform; Implementation of "four unification" requirements for labor subcontractors; Risk early warning and control of power transmission and transformation construction; Implementation of consolidation and improvement actions for on-site safety management of distribution network project and implementation of "30 items" measures and "18 items" prohibitions; Preparation and approval of construction scheme and implementation of construction work permit; Safety control of high-risk operation sites such as limited space, cross crossing, deep foundation pit excavation, tower assembly and setting out, chamber excavation and blasting; The implementation of disaster prevention and risk avoidance in the construction site and construction site.

(5) Electricity marketing

Report the completion acceptance of power receiving project and safety management of power connection; Implementation of safety protection measures for low-voltage live working such as marketing and metering, and personal accident prevention measures for smart meter installation; Investigation, treatment and reporting of potential power supply and consumption safety hazards of high-risk enterprises such as electric railway, coal mine, non coal mine and chemical industry and important customers; The company's closed-loop rectification of problems found in the special action of high endangering the power supply and consumption safety of important customers; Implementation of power supply guarantee for important customers; Announce the situation of important maintenance and power failure to the public.

(6) Industry and collective enterprise

Implementation of safety control measures for construction and operation of conventional hydropower, pumped storage power station and new energy power generation; Implementation of safety measures for high-risk operations such as pickling and galvanizing, high-voltage test and large cargo transportation in electrical manufacturing enterprises; Implementation of safety measures for helicopter flight operation; Implementation of safety guarantee measures such as large formwork support, scaffold erection and demolition in real estate construction; Implementation of safety production responsibility system of collective enterprises, control of carrying capacity and subcontracting safety management of construction collective enterprises; Bad weather, night and emergency repair and other traffic safety management.

(7) Network and information

Investigation and treatment of hidden dangers of communication power supply, ADSS "three spans", single cable path in the station, protection and security control channel, and important communication and network equipment; Implementation of security measures for ubiquitous power Internet of things network; Information system, important data and other key information infrastructure security protection; Information security work in Internet of vehicles, e-commerce, Internet Finance and other fields; Safety protection of mobile operation terminal; Deployment of network security monitoring devices and implementation of security measures in substations and grid connected power plants; Implementation of safety regulations for information, power communication and power monitoring.

(8) Hazardous chemicals and fire fighting

The closed-loop rectification of problems found in the "looking back" of comprehensive safety management of hazardous chemicals in the power industry; Formulation and implementation of safety rules and regulations and safety operation procedures for hazardous chemicals, division and implementation of management responsibilities; Local filing of safety risk distribution archives; Safety training of "one letter and one signature" for hazardous chemicals; Standardized transportation, storage and use of hazardous chemicals, and compliant disposal of abandoned hazardous chemicals; Formulation and implementation of anti loss measures for key hazardous chemicals such as highly toxic chemicals and civil explosives; Investigation of fire hazards and implementation of fire protection measures in key places such as converter station (substation), dispatching building, underground power transformation and distribution station building and cable trench.

(9) Emergency relief

Preparation, improvement and drill of emergency plans and on-site disposal plans for large-scale power failure, fire prevention and flood control; Emergency team construction and equipment allocation; Implementation of safety measures on the site of emergency relief and repair; Troubleshooting and treatment of hidden dangers of line tower foundation, substation, urban switching station, cable trench and other equipment and facilities affected by typhoon and flood; Operation of emergency command centers and monitoring and early warning centers at all levels and emergency response to various disasters; Establishment of emergency response mechanism for emergencies; The formulation of power protection plans and the implementation of power protection measures for major events such as the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China.

3、 Job requirements

(1) Strengthen leadership and make careful arrangements. The main leaders should personally deploy and the leaders in charge should assume their respective responsibilities. In combination with the theme education of "never forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind", organize cadres and employees to seriously study and implement the spirit of the important instructions of the central leading comrades and the work requirements of the Safety Committee of the State Council, further improve their political position, unify their thinking, act quickly, formulate work plans and work objectives, Implement personnel responsibilities, establish a sales work mechanism, strengthen work coordination and ensure the real implementation of work.

(2) Comprehensive coverage and focus. The inspection should be "horizontal to the edge, vertical to the bottom and full coverage", with the participation of all staff, comprehensively find out the weak links in safety production of various disciplines and posts, especially give full play to the role of professional management, and focus on the important station lines affecting power grid safety, areas with concentrated personal safety risks, equipment and facilities prone to electrical fire, and places for the transportation, storage and use of dangerous chemicals, Timely rectify the problems and hidden dangers found, and supervise the implementation of safety measures and requirements.

(3) Make overall plans and ensure practical results. Closely combine the current power grid peak summer and work safety deployment in the second half of the year, comprehensively promote the key tasks of each stage, timely summarize the work results, solidify effective measures, accelerate the formation of a long-term mechanism focusing on prevention and fundamental treatment, and comprehensively improve the level of work safety management. During this period, on the basis of self inspection and self correction, all units shall carry out supervision level by level in the form of key inspection and random inspection. The headquarters will set up an inspection team (the inspection arrangement will be notified separately) to supervise the work of each unit.

State Grid Corporation of China

August 16, 2019

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