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Test installation (repair, test) power facility license application conditions and instrument configuration table (level four)

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The license level of power facilities for trial installation (repair and test) is divided into level I, level II, level III, level IV and level v.

Those who have obtained the license for the installation (repair and test) of power facilities of class IV test can engage in the test activities of power facilities with voltage levels below 35 kV. The applicant shall meet the following conditions:

(1) Legal personality and perfect organization,

(2) Net assets of more than 6 million yuan;

(3) The technical director and safety director have more than 3 years of experience in power facility test management, and have primary technical qualification or above in power related majors;

(4) More than 10 professional technical and economic management personnel, including more than 4 professional engineering technicians related to electric power;

(5) There are more than 6 electricians with network operation permit, including more than 2 high-voltage electricians and more than 3 special electricians;

(6) Improve effective safety production organization and system, carry out safety training according to law, and have more than one safety manager;

(7) Fixed business premises with a total area of more than 400 square meters, various professional laboratories and test equipment for testing power facilities with a voltage level of more than 35 kV;

(8) Sound technical archives management system.

Configuration of instruments and meters of power facilities for test (repair and test):

Configuration table of four levels of test:

Serial numberName of machinery and equipmentSpecification and modelSpecificationsCompanyQuantity
ONEHigh voltage generating equipment
1DC high voltage generatorVS-ZGF-120kV/3mADC:120kV/3mASet1
2Power frequency withstand voltage test deviceVS-30kVA/50kVAC:30kVA/50kVSet1
3Complete set of frequency conversion series resonance test deviceVS-CLXZ-75kVA/75kV75kVA/75kV/1A
4Complete set of frequency conversion series resonance test deviceVS-DBP-5kVA/400V5kVA/400V,150HzSet1
TWOElectrical measuring instrument
1Automatic anti-interference precision dielectric loss testerVS-2810Medium measurement accuracy is 1%
       Voltage range:0.5~10kV
       Frequency conversion anti-interference
2Relay protection testerVS-JB900There are 3 AC and DC currents, 4 AC voltages, 3 DC voltages, 8 input and 4 output pairsPlatform1
3Loop resistance testerVS-5201DC:100A Range:0~80mΩPlatform1
4Transformer comprehensive testerVS-2800Afrequency conversion,220V/5APlatform1
5Earth grid grounding resistance testerVS-2115

Different frequency anti dry
       measuring range:0~5000Ω

6DC resistance testerVS-3102ADC current:10A、5A、1A、0.3A、0.1A、30mA、<1mA
       measuring range:200μΩ~50kΩ
7Automatic transformation ratio testerVS-6628Range:0.9~10000Platform1
8Comprehensive tester for characteristics of high voltage circuit breakerVS-5308ADC:0~300V,large current:25A
       Time frame:0~64000ms
       Travel range:0~1000mm
       Speed range:0~20m/s
9Insulation resistance testerVS-3126DC:5000V、2500V、1000V、500V、250V
       Short-circuit current≥5mA
THREECommon instruments
3Digital dual-phase voltammetry table clampVS-X708

Measuring voltage:100~220
       Measuring current:0.5A~1.5A

4FLIR thermal imagerFLIR E8320x240 pixels, focus free
       temperature range:-20℃~+250℃

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