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Technical specifications for UHV DC connected to UHV AC grid output equipment

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On November 7, the State Grid Corporation of China issued a technical specification for the development of key equipment for UHV DC access UHV AC grid transmission projects in Beijing. Zheng Baosen, deputy general manager and party member of State Grid Corporation, attended the press conference and delivered a speech. 

UHV DC directly connected to the UHV AC grid has significant advantages. It can make full use of the strong UHV AC grid as a power receiving and power distribution platform, and give full play to the evacuation and accident support capabilities of the UHV grid, and absorb it in a larger range UHV DC power to improve the flexibility and safety of grid operation is an inevitable trend in the development of power grids. Since the beginning of this year, in conjunction with the Ningdong-Zhejiang ±800 kV UHV DC transmission project, the State Grid Corporation has organized scientific research and design units, and domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers to conduct in-depth research on system schemes and equipment technical routes, forming technical specifications for key equipment development. 

Zheng Baosen said that equipment development is the key to connecting UHV DC projects to UHV AC power grids. The successful development of equipment directly determines whether the project can start construction. The progress of equipment development and supply directly determines the construction progress of the project, and the quality of the equipment directly determines the project. The successful completion and safe and stable operation level. The development of key equipment for UHV DC access to UHV AC power grids is more technically challenging than the existing UHV AC/DC equipment. State Grid Corporation of China will accelerate the development of key equipment and various aspects of research work to provide Ningdong-Zhejiang ±800 thousand The construction of the V and UHV DC transmission project started as soon as possible to lay the foundation.

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