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Hazard of overload operation of high voltage test transformer

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It's summer now, and summer is the peak period of electricity consumption. Because the weather is too hot, everyone does not want to go out. Air-conditioning is done at home. This is to keep the high-voltage test transformer in overload operation for a long time. Long-term overload operation is very harmful to the transformer, so do you know what is the hazard to the high-voltage test transformer in the long-term overload operation? If you don’t know, let’s take a look at the high-voltage test with Xiaobian mall The danger of long-term overload operation of the transformer.

1. The efficiency of the high-voltage test transformer is reduced

The loss of the high-voltage test transformer mainly comes from the internal copper loss and iron loss. Why do you say that? Because the iron loss of the high-voltage test transformer will not change with the load, and the copper loss is proportional to the current of the load. We can all see from the efficiency curve of the transformer. When the output of the transformer is zero, our efficiency is also zero. When the output increases, our efficiency will begin to increase, and will not start to decrease until it reaches the maximum value. From this, we can clearly see that if the transformer is to be overloaded, it is not enough to carry more load and more output. We must not only suppress the processing efficiency of the transformer, but also determine it according to the capacity of the transformer.

2. The influence of the temperature of overload operation on the transformer

The temperature of the high-voltage test transformer has a great influence on its operation, and the most important influence is on the insulation strength of the transformer. When the temperature of the transformer increases, the resistance of the coil will become larger and larger, and the copper loss will also increase. Everyone knows that the materials used in transformers include iron core and high and low voltage coils. Although the iron core can withstand high temperatures, the high and low voltage coils of insulating materials will be greatly damaged when the temperature reaches a certain value. If it runs for such a long time, it will seriously affect the life of the transformer, and in serious cases, it may directly burn out the transformer.

Summary: If the high-voltage test transformer is overloaded for a long time, it will seriously affect the service life of the transformer. Under normal circumstances, we still don't allow the transformer to be overloaded. If it must be overloaded, we must do it in accordance with the prescribed standards, otherwise it will easily cause the transformer to burn out.

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