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Application of DC Resistance Tester in Practice

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The DC resistance test is an indispensable test item after the transformer is handed over, overhauled and the tap switch is changed. Therefore, it is very important to use a DC resistance tester to test the DC resistance of the transformer. The daily maintenance of the DC resistance tester is good Operation is very important for the normal operation of the DC resistance test. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problems in the application and management of the DC resistance tester in practice.

(1) The DC resistance tester is not perfect in practice and its management system

At present, many companies have not yet established a sound equipment management system, or although they have formulated related management systems, they have not strictly followed the regulations in actual work, such as equipment procurement system, loan and return system, operating procedures, maintenance system , Accident handling methods, etc. When purchasing equipment, do not operate strictly in accordance with laws and regulations, and the functions of equipment and equipment do not match the actual needs, resulting in unnecessary waste of resources; there is no long-term plan for the purchase, blind procurement, resulting in discontinuity of equipment and equipment; Instruments and equipment are regularly inspected and checked, resulting in the loss and loss of control of the equipment. All in all, there are imperfect and unsatisfactory aspects in the planning, purchase, acceptance, and management of test equipment.

(2) The use of DC resistance tester in practice and management of accounts and physical management

Non-standard enterprises have a large amount of new equipment and equipment, and there are many types. Therefore, the types of equipment and equipment accounts are mixed and the registration work is heavy. Most of the accounts of enterprise test equipment are set up in the accounting department, and the accounting department pays more attention to the value accounting of equipment, neglecting to check the quantity and value of assets with the test equipment management department; the test equipment management department pays more attention General tasks such as equipment approval and acceptance, neglecting the routine management of equipment such as regular inspection, verification and cancellation, resulting in imperfect establishment of equipment ledger, inaccurate names, unlabeled equipment, unauthorized embezzlement, and failure to register loans In this way, when the accounting department and the test equipment management department reconcile the accounts at the end of the year, there will be discrepancies in the accounts.

(3) Partial aging of test equipment

With the passage of time, some components of the equipment will be aging, damaged, equipment performance will decline, and energy consumption will increase. If these test equipment are not repaired or updated in time and are still used during the test process, it will be difficult to ensure the accuracy of the test data, which will seriously affect the quality of the test data results.

(4) The quality of test equipment management personnel is low

Many companies engaged in the operation and management of equipment and equipment cannot adapt to the development requirements of modern experiments in terms of knowledge structure. For example, some large-scale precision instruments and equipment or imported equipment can be replaced quickly and have complex performance. Many test equipment personnel do not have the relevant knowledge and skills, and do not have a good grasp of the use of the equipment. As a result, many tests involving new knowledge and new technologies cannot be carried out normally. , Affecting the research and development of new technologies; in addition, the laboratory managers lack equipment maintenance knowledge, in daily life or after the test, they did not maintain the DC resistance tester, causing the equipment to fail to operate normally and seriously affecting the normal test.

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